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This past month has been a busy one between a jammed-pack trip to NYC and a few incredible shows in the DC area. Here’s what made my itinerary.


In the DC area:

Each of these shows brought something different to the table and quenched my thirst to experience theatre. Theatre has the power to change lives, and it certainly has impacted mine. I’ve been presented with an incredible opportunity to have a new sort of effect on the theatre realm starting next year. While this will open new doors, in order to take advantage of this chance, I must close others, at least temporarily. Going forward, my thoughts about shows will remain private. I’ll still be sharing news, shows I’m seeing, and thoughts on theatre but not about specific productions. Additionally, I’ll be concentrating on more topical aspects of theatre, like selling tickets and developing audiences.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the song “A New Life” from Jekyll and Hyde lately. I feel like next year, I’ll have “a new start,” “a new hope,” “a new chance,” and “a new dream,” all of which could lead to “a new world” and “a new life.” I can’t wait to see what 2013 brings.