Well, it has been a very busy six months on my end. Lots of shows in London, New York, and Washington, D.C. As I continue to contemplate the future of The Theatre Concierge, I’ve decided on a mission that will be the focus of many upcoming posts.

The Mission: Visit Every Professional DC Area Theatre.

There is a Theatre Directory on theatreWashington‘s website. This will serve as my guide. At present, I’ve visited 27 of the 91 theatres listed. These previously visited theatres will serve as posts as well. Ultimately, if I complete this mission, each theatre will have a feature post. I am not setting a time limit to this mission, and I suspect, even a reasonable time limit would take years. One caveat of this mission is that it can only be completed if I continue to live in the DC area, and while I have no plans for that to change, you never know. We’ll see how this goes. Through my graduate courses and thesis, experiences as an audience member, and work in the DC theatre realm, I have come to understand so much about the DC theatre community, and my intention here is to expand that knowledge. Here goes…